A central information platform for your entire company

Integra PIM (Product Information Management) is the central database that holds up-to-date information on all your company’s products and services. Integra PIM creates a uniform platform for all areas of your company - it has a clear, detailed structure, is easy to use and offers comprehensive information. 

Since Integra PIM is web-based, suppliers and manufacturers can maintain and update their data independently. There is also mobile access, which is particularly useful for sales teams. Media-neutral export formats such as XML (BMEcat) make it easy to provide catalogues for online shops, procurement solutions and printed PDFs. 


  • All products and services available on a single platform
  • Easier to compare competitors
  • Maximum clarity due to easy operation
  • Easy to read, even on mobile devices
  • Significant time savings
  • Considerable cost reductions
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements due to effective, detailed management of product data