How good content secures high turnover

Integra Content Management offers your company the opportunity to use your content more effectively. Integra Content Management helps you trace content, realize its value and leverage the relevant content to achieve better business results.


  • Support for all types of content (and formats) throughout the entire content life cycle
  • Collection, activation, sharing, analysis and controlling of unstructured data
  • Reduction of costs and risks while simultaneously increasing efficiency
  • Individual components can interact with each other or be used separately
  • System can be based on Typo3 or alternative solutions
  • Intuitive operation, user-friendly interface

Integra Content Management components

  • Document management:
    • Check-in/check-out, version management, access control
    • Structuring, archiving and research functions for business documents
    • Database-supported metadata management for index-supported document searches
  • Web content management:
    • Creation of content using functions such as templates as well as workflow and version control
    • Checking of content via predefined processes (workflows) with regard to the degree of fulfilment or compliance with defined requirements
    • Auditing of norms/standards (audit trails)
    • Approved content is displayed directly or transferred to web servers ready-configured (pre-packaged).
  • Social content:
    • Optimization of information and communication chains by acceleration of workflow or (equal) automation
    • Ability to bundle, share, evaluate, develop and add comments to knowledge in the form of text, videos, images and documents via platforms