Your data is safe with us

The need to build your own high-cost, high-maintenance server park is a thing of the past. With Integra Cloud, you have your IT infrastructure available on demand via the internet. There’s no need to worry about your data being in the hands of “strangers”. Your data is safe with Integra Cloud.


  • No need for your own high-cost, high-maintenance server park
  • Optimum user experience through provision of user-specific, on-demand desktop architecture and applications
  • High data security and unique authentication using infrastructure hosted exclusively in Germany and 3-factor authentication
  • Project risk minimization and fast return on investment (ROI) through flexible private turnkey desktop cloud architecture (e.g. with Windows Office, SAP B1 Cloud)
  • Anytime access to business applications, desktop architecture and data via any internet-enabled device (notebook, tablet, smart phone, etc.)
  • Use of validated IT structures (Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop)
  • Optimum support for compliance requirements

Integra Cloud offers the following:

  • Cloud architecture and security design
  • Procurement and broking of cloud technologies and services
  • Cloud implementation and integration
  • Operation of individual cloud environments
  • Integra Desktop-as-a-Service (24/7 access to data using any type of internet-enabled device)
  • Integra Infrastructure-as-a-Service (provision of virtual infrastructures on demand)