No more complicated manual processes

Integra Business Process Management is a user-friendly, automated central information and workflow tool that eliminates the need for cumbersome manual processes in your organization so that you can finally realize your company's full potential.

The advance of digitalization is offering more and more medium-sized companies the opportunity to automate their processes in order to increase productivity and reduce costs. It is fast, efficient and easily scalable. Error detection is smooth and it remains user-friendly, even as complexity increases.


  • Identification and realization of monetary and non-monetary potential
  • Automation of regularly occurring operational processes instead of cumbersome, cost-intensive handling
  • Timely identification of future bottlenecks
  • Increased productivity through integration of customers and suppliers
  • 24/7 availability of all information, documents and comments on any internet-enabled devices
  • Fast, efficient, easily scalable control system
  • Remains user-friendly, even as complexity increases
  • Integration of all business processes and priorities into an automated system
  • Integration of customers and suppliers into this system