Optimize processes - reduce costs - create transparency

Integra eProc is a web-based e-procurement software product for your company's strategic and operational procurement. With it, your procurement processes will become significantly more efficient and sustainable. Integra eProc can be used for any company, no matter what the size or sector, and can be integrated into all common IT system architectures.


  • Considerable cost reductions
  • Connection of isolated, heterogeneous systems/teams
  • Comprehensive transparency for and control of procurement/supplier data and procurement processes
  • Significantly simplified management, maintenance and optimization of your procurement system
  • Significant time savings

Central components of Integra eProc:

  • Catalogue module: Your company’s individual supplier catalogues are combined in a multi-supplier catalogue in which all your suppliers are visible.
  • Enquiry module: Enquiries can be sent to suppliers (automatically) via an interactive form (or via a supplier portal). Once the suppliers’ offers are received by the module, the offers can be compared.
  • Interfaces: Smooth integration of Integra eProc via an OCI interface into existing SAP solutions, catalogue imports via BMEcat, receipt exchange via openTrans or cXML Authentication via LDAP server.
  • Cloud solution: Integra eProc combines the cost reduction potential of a cloud solution with the proven, high business functionality of multiple installations.

Case studies: Hüppe GmbH.

Global shower manufacturer Hüppe successfully uses Integra eProc to optimize procurement processes for MRO goods and indirect spending. The key aspects for Hüppe were the statistical evaluation of costs and increased transparency. Based on our standard software Integra eProc, we developed a customized procurement solution for Hüppe.

“We chose Integra eProc because it helped us to really streamline our e-procurement process. Integra processes meet our every requirement quickly and reliably. We get everything we need."

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